Friday, September 15, 2017

Summer 2017

 We started out our summer with an early birthday celebration for Sophie.  We took 4 of her friends to Fort Worth
We rode the train into Dallas
 And watched Texas Ballet Theater's Alice in Wonderland.

 Sophie also got her ears pierced
 Happy 13th Birthday, Sophie!!!!

 We moved to Sugar Land on June 9 and got settled in.
 Family came to visit,
 JC went to VBS,
 and we went to an Astro's game,

 On the 4th of  July we went to Brazos Bend State Park
 and then to watch fireworks with friends.
 We got to go to a reunion at the Aggie BSM

 Sophie and I got to see Edina Menzel,
 the Fentresses came to visit,

 and JC went to camp.
 In August we went to Galveston with the Barkers.

 We explored Sugar Land some, visiting the museum.

 At the end of the summer, John Curtis got baptized.

 On what we thought was the last week of summer, we had a solar eclipse.

 Right as we were preparing to start school, Hurricane Harvey blew in postponing everything for 2 more weeks.
 We took shelter often,
 even sleeping in the bathroom.
Ultimately we evacuated to Katy.  Everything in our world ended up safe and dry, but it was a scary few days.

Overall, our summer was 108 days of change, fun, adventure, heartache, and lots of God's goodness!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Thoughts after our First Hurricane

Three months ago today we moved to Sugar Land.  These have been the strangest, and possibly longest, 3 months of my life.  People keep asking us how we like it here, but between trips, family and friends visiting, and getting unpacked, we haven't really experienced "real life".  Then came Hurricane Harvey and "real life" was suspended even more.  We weathered the hurricane, we were fortunate, but  I wasn't prepared for the emotions that would come after it.

 The only way I can describe this past week is that everything just feels heavy.  Emotions are running high, people are stressed, traffic has been horrible, and most people are taking on extra work and responsibilities.  Whether it's making food, cleaning out houses, taking donations, caring for children, housing volunteers, or a million other tasks, most people have not taken a day off.  On my worst days, I've asked myself, "What if?"  What if we hadn't left the safety and comfort of San Angelo?  What if life was still predictable?  What if we were 4 weeks into our school year, me back in my job I loved, the kids in a familiar setting? What if Sophie was getting to audition for Nutcracker tomorrow with her friends at her old studio?  What if everytime I left the house I didn't have to check my app for traffic?  What if this very night we were at the high school football game with our friends?  What if????  There is a grief process to moving and what ifs will make you crazy!

On my best days though, I wonder, What if we had stayed in comfort and missed out on the work God wants to do in us?  This move has definitely brought out my weaknesses.  I've always thought of myself as strong, steady, able to handle life.  The last few months I've felt weak, emotional, and anxious.  This is not the best me and it hurts my pride and the way I've always seen myself.  What if that is right where God wants me? I don't know what God wants to refine in me, but I believe his strength is made perfect in my weaknesses.

I have seen a lot of beauty in Sugar Land.  I worried about community in a big city, but I shouldn't have.  When our town evacuated, so many church members found refuge with other church members. I've seen people bringing each other meals and inviting each other into their homes to share meals around their tables.  I've seen neighbors checking on neighbors.  I've seen true community here.  I have also seen the church being the hands and feet of Christ.  God's people have mobilized and needs are being met all around us in a million different ways.

I don't know what God is up to or what comes next, but I am praying He will do the work He needs to do in my life, my marriage, my family, my church, and my community.  May we face the challenges ahead with courage and grace.

Monday, July 24, 2017

2016-2017 School Year

Wow!  I've never gone this long without blogging since I started! We had a lot of distractions this year that kept me from chronicling our life but since this blog has taken the place of my scrapbooks I don't want to have a big gap.  So...I spent the day creating the longest blog post ever of the highlights of our past school year.

First Day of School

 4th Grade
 7th Grade
 JC played flag football,

 We took a trip to Aggieland,

 We celebrated Halloween,

 Danced at the Sock Hop,

 And celebrated Thanksgiving.

 Sophie danced in the Nutcracker,

 We celebrated JC's 10th birthday,

 and Christmas.

 In February we went to the rodeo,
In March JC presented his TRIYS project,
We said goodbye to my precious Mimi,
 Sophie was baptized

 and JC continued swimming.

 In April Taylor started his new job at Sugar Land Baptist
 and we celebrated Easter in Weatherford.
 May was busy with Director's Choice,

 Mother's Day,
 and end of year activities.
 JC was in the church musical,
 and an art show,
and I was honored with Teacher of the Year for my school.

That was more or less our whirlwind of a year. Now we are soaking up as much summer as we can before we start it all over again in our new town.