Sunday, August 31, 2014

House Progress: Den

Though we've been finished with the grunt work for a few weeks, we just now finally got our den all put together and I am in love with it!  This was the room I wanted to be cozy and warm and it is everything I wanted it to be.

But first some before pictures....

 Here is the before picture of the room when we bought our home,
and another view from the kitchen.
 Then it looked like this.  Taylor is sitting next to me and says he can't even look at these pictures.  They stress him out!
 Everyone pitched in!
 For a LONG time it looked like this and the kids loved it.  They rode their scooters inside.

And now....
It looks like this!

Our Erick Sandlin original
The view into the front living room with the window again.
My sweet Carter where I can see him all the time.
So there it is!  We are enjoying it so much.  We still need some finishing touches on the guest room and Taylor's office, but it feels so good to be finished.

End of Summer Fun and Back to School

Summer was great this year and we were sad to see it end.  It was a different summer working on the house and not traveling as we normally do in the summer, but I cherish all of the time we had together.
 Before school started we made our 2nd annual ( I just decided to make it an annual event) kayaking trip to the South Llano river with the Barkers.  The kids love kayaking!

 The next Sunday we made an overnight trip to Abilene to do some back to school shopping.  Leia and I got a hotel room for us and the kids and then on Monday we met friends at the Abilene Zoo.
It was a great day with great friends!
Then it was back to school time!  We had a great first week back, but at the end of the week we had 2 very tired kiddos and 2 very tired parents!
Ready for a great fall!

Monday, August 11, 2014

House Progress: Kitchen

 This is our kitchen shortly after we moved in - pink floor, pink backsplash, fruit mosaic, and of course wallpaper.
 Lots of wallpaper!
 Here is my kitchen today!
 This is Taylor's window from the living room.
 The window turned out great and really opened up the kitchen.  It looks out on a real window.

 The view through the window

I love my kitchen! 
Taylor tiled the office this weekend and we are currently finishing it up.  The furniture for the den is being delivered tomorrow and everything is finally coming together.  We are so relieved and ready to rest and enjoy our home!