Sunday, October 26, 2014

5th Grade Science and Leadership Camp

I know I write often about how thankful I am for my kids' school and how thankful I am to get to work there with them.  One of the strengths of our school is that we aren't afraid to get out and let the kids experience life.  We take trips around town all the time and out of town at least once a year.  A big treat for the 5th graders is that they get to go to science camp for a week at the HEB Foundation Camp in Leakey.  They spend the week exploring the science TEKS in nature with hands on experiences that will help them remember the concepts.  Since I have a 5th grader this year, I got to go, and since they needed more men, Taylor was asked to go.  We had a great week.  JC got to spend the week with Poppa back at home and they had a good week together.

 It was fun to spend the week with my girl and her sweet friends.

 They got to kayak and swim in the river,
 go through different science stations,
 play GaGa Ball,
 and their favorite - climbing and rappelling!

What a great week!

House Progress:Office

Our last room to try to get done was Taylor's office.  Honestly we wanted to quit and just call it done.  In fact, I did quit.  I told him I couldn't paint another wall and I thought the off white neutral color was fine.  Thankfully Taylor persevered and when the kids and I went out of town at the end of the summer he finished the floor and painted.  We are so glad he did.  He spends a lot of time back there and finally has a place to spread out all of his books and papers other than the kitchen table.  It is the one room I had no say in - it's all Taylor!

This is where the office is located in the house - tucked off the game room to the left right when you come in the back door. Nice and secluded
 The previous owners had it set up as another bedroom.

Here is Taylor's masterpiece.  He made this collage for Facebook and then deleted the pictures so this is all I've got.  Let's be honest - I can't just go back there and snap some new pictures because at the moment it doesn't look like this. It is a room right off the back door that no one goes in so it's a perfect place to drop all our junk!
So we're done with house progress for a while.  We thought we'd do some outside work on the weekends this fall but we haven't gotten around to it yet and I'm not sure we will until the Spring.  We're still recovering from our marathon remodel, but we are enjoying our house so much!