Wednesday, December 31, 2014

JC's 8th Birthday Party

I am so thankful that my December baby doesn't ever want a big birthday party.  All he wanted this year was to hang out with his best buddy, Connor. So we planned a sleepover for the first weekend in December.
 I was reading back through my posts this week and I think Connor has celebrated almost every birthday with JC, all the way back to his first.  I didn't know then that they would be best friends, but I'm thankful for this friendship.
He asked for a Lego party this year so the boys made Lego pizzas.
 We decorated with Legos and Taylor made a Lego cake.

There was a whole lot of Lego Batman Wii playing and they watched the Lego Batman movie.  It was the perfect birthday party for my big 8 year old.
I was fretting before the party because my back had gone out and I couldn't get up and do much.  JC said, "Mom, I'm going to talk to you like you talk to me.  Quit worrying.  Everything is perfect and just the way Connor and I want it."  Sweet boy!  He sure is growing up fast!

Thanksgiving 2014

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we drove to Houston to Uncle Erick's house.

 On Thanksgiving morning we loaded up our crock pots and drove to College Station
 Tailgating was amazingly fun!


 Such a fun Thanksgiving!
 After sleeping in on Friday we explored Houston with Uncle Erick and went to the movies.

We had breakfast on Saturday at one of the many yummy restaurants we got to experience in Uncle Erick's neighborhood before we headed home.
What a great Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sock Hop 2014

The last two months have really gotten away from me, but now that Christmas is over, it's time to get caught up on my blog!
 On the day we got out for Thanksgiving we had our Sock Hop
 This was Sophie's last one and I've documented each one since 1st grade!
 The cool thing is that her G-Momma made her skirt in 1st grade and she's been able to wear it each year.

 This was JC's 3rd Sock Hop
 He doesn't love it quite as much as Sophie, but I still caught him enjoying himself a few times.
 Another successful Sock Hop!