Sunday, January 12, 2014


On Christmas night the kids and I drove to Weatherford so we could get up the next morning and make the long trek to Vicksburg.
 We got to meet our new cousin, Caroline.
 Even at the new house there was lots of exploring to be done!

 Game time!  John Curtis really bonded with Aunt Carol.
 Of course we always love being with this guy!

We got to see all of our family while we were there.

 It was so good to spend this time with my grandparents.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Eve and Day

On Christmas Eve day the Waltons came over for lunch.  The kids played and decorated cookies.

 That night we went to church and then had dinner at our friends', the Galbans.
 Reading The Night Before Christmas
 Christmas morning!

 Santa left gifts at the new house, too!

 Then it was back to the house for breakfast and more presents.

 The rest of the day was spent taking down Christmas decorations and moving stuff over to the new house.  It was a strange Christmas, but we were thankful to be with our family.

Nutcracker and Grandparent Visit

The Friday night we got out of school, Grammy, Bumpaw, DeeDee, Brian, and Baby Carter came to visit.  Sophie had opening night of Nutcracker so Taylor went to watch that night.  The next morning we had Christmas together.
 He finally got Skylanders!

 Loved hanging out with this guy!!!!

 That afternoon they all went to see Sophie perform.  After an early dinner they all went home while I attended the evening performance of Nutcracker. 
 G-Momma and Poppa came in that night and JC got to open more birthday presents!
Then after church on Sunday they went and watched Sophie's last performance.
We spent Monday painting the house and packing and moving some.  Sophie got to pick her own color and paint her own room.

Monday, January 6, 2014

John Curtis is 7!

Life has been pretty overwhelming in our little world but I'm going to try to get caught up a little at a time.  On December 19th John Curtis turned 7.  The weekend before his birthday Taylor took him and two of his buddies to PrimeTime in Abilene for some birthday fun!

On his actual birthday, Taylor took him for donuts before school started.  Then he got to eat lunch with me in my classroom.  That evening Sophie had Nutcracker rehearsal it was just the three of us out for Chinese food.

Of course we had to have cake balls from Miss Lindy, his favorite!
This funny little boy sets the tone for my days!  His passion can take him (and me) from one extreme to the other in a matter of seconds.  He loves fiercely and loyally but hurts and feels disappointment just as deeply. We don't always know how to navigate those extremes but we are learning together and I pray his passion will be used for God's glory one day.   He is his own little man and we are so thankful he is a part of our family.