Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Really Knew God...and Then I Read the Bible

I'm home on a Sunday morning and it really feels wrong. Sophie has strep so we are out yet another Sunday. We were at the lake last weekend as Taylor was resting between his two weeks of classes. Sophie and I will be out the next 2 Sundays due to traveling. I really miss being with my church family. Church is such a part of who I am. Evidently we've passed that on to Sophie. She gets really worried when we are gone on a Sunday and not at church. I remember when we were traveling on a Sunday once she asked if we were going to stop and go to church somewhere. When we said no she said, "But it's Sunday. Is it okay not to go to church on Sunday?" We told her it wasn't the best, but sometimes it just happens. Perhaps my little girl has a greater grasp on our calling than we do. I at least share her anxiety over not meeting together with other believers on a Sunday morning.
Just as church has always been a part of my life, so has the Bible (thanks, Mom and Dad). I've heard more sermons, Bible studies, and devotionals than I could begin to count. I've even attempted to read the Bible through a few times. I never make it through the Old Testament. I tend to camp out in the New Testament anyway. I'm much more comfortable with Jesus than I am with that "other" God who tells His people to wipe out cities, including children.
Since I have always failed to read the Bible all the way through I was excited when our church decided to read the Bible in 90 days. We read 12 pages a day and while that is a lot it helps you get through it quicker and keep up with the story as a whole. All of our Sunday school lessons, sermons, and Wednesday night lessons (even for the kids) has been over the week's readings. I have really enjoyed doing this. For the first time in my life Bible reading has consumed my days. I usually read 3-4 books in a month, but since we started this in Aug. there has been no extra reading. My 90 Day Bible (on my Nook) is always with me. I read it while JC is in speech and Sophie is in ballet. I read it in the pickup line (when the car is stopped). I read during lunch, while I'm blow drying my hair, any free minute I have. It does keep God's Word on my mind at all times.
And yet I haven't found that Word to be totally uplifting yet. I've found it to be confusing. I've found myself getting angry over some of God's actions. I've found myself guilty of using verses out of their contexts over the years. And to be honest, I've found myself doubting. Do I really believe this stuff? It is bizarre! My Sunday school answer is Yes! I would never doubt God's Word. But I do at times. I find that this God I claim to know and love seems out of character, sometimes mean, sometimes wishy washy, never predictable.
The old saying, "Lord I believe, only help my unbelief" has been on my mind a lot lately. Andrew Peterson says, "Faith is a burden, it's a weight we bear." Reading the Bible through has brought somewhat of a crisis in my faith. But I'm hanging in there because I know Jesus is right around the corner. If reading the Old Testament has taught me nothing else, I do see how much we needed (and need) Him. So be careful reading the Bible...it might shake your faith a little, but maybe we'll all come out stronger in the end.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Thursday at Home

Thursdays are becoming one of my favorite days of the week. It is the only morning John Curtis and I don't have to rush to get ready. It is our stay home day. While I love my job teaching 3 year olds three days a week by Thursday I'm ready for some down time. Today we cleaned house, got out our fall decorations, and stayed in our P.J.s until he had to go to gymnastics at 2:30. I love these days with my little man.
One of the fun things about teaching preschool is trying things out on John Curtis at home.
We're doing Brown Bear, Brown Bear next week.

He did a puppet show with the animals while "reading" the book.
I wish these days could last forever!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Perfect Get Away

After a week away from Taylor we were so ready to meet up with him at the lake for the weekend.
The kids immediately took off the explore. They love the freedom of being there.
Taylor fishing at sunset. Can you spot Gracie?
Sophie spent Saturday morning with her journal drawing a picture of the lake.
The finished product
John Curtis would rather swim.
Off he goes!
Sophie finally joined him
What would a trip to the lake be without crafts?
Actually, I didn't bring any crafts this time, but Grammy came to the rescue.

My family came down Saturday evening and brought catfish, hush puppies, french fries, and cole slaw to fry. Taylor contributed a little to the fish, but they just weren't biting this time. John Curtis found someone else to play a game with him.
The ending to another beautiful day

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Week with Mimi

My grandmother spent last week with us while Taylor was out of town. The kids LOVE being with their Mimi. It worked out great since JC's favorite thing to do these days is play games. Mimi was able to keep him totally occupied by just sitting and playing with him most of the week. I did witness her playing a few games of hide and go seek, but she drew the line at Twister.

Mimi also taught the kids how to play Old Maid. It was great to add some variety into our card game playing.
With the Dora cards we have the Old Maid is a witch. John Curtis doesn't have a very good poker face when he gets the witch.
Sophie joined in the game playing in the evenings.
A deep conversation
Helping with homework (no John Curtis doesn't have homework yet, but he does like to pretend when Sophie does hers).

How blessed my kids were to have had 6 great grandparents alive when they were born. We said good-bye to one of them this week as Taylor's grandmother, Nana, passed away. We will miss her. I pray my kids will remember the precious time they spent with all their great grandparents.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grandparents Day

Sophie's school had a special Grandparents Day celebration on Friday. G-Momma and Poppa came all the way from Texarkana to be with her. Sophie loved having them at her school. I forgot to send my camera with them so I didn't get any pictures at the school, but everyone assured me they had fun.
Friday afternoon was John Curtis's first day of gymnastics. He has been waiting for weeks to start and had so much fun. It is a great way to use up some 3 year old energy.
These pics are really far away and not good, but you get the idea.

JC and Shelby
G-Momma and Poppa brought their dog, Judge, and his crate. I promise the kids put themselves in there...but it's not a bad idea.

John Curtis wants to play Go Fish all day long every day. We were so glad to hand the game over to G-Momma while she was here.

We had a great visit!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010