Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May Craziness

May was one crazy event after another.
 We started our month with an amazing Mother's Day weekend.
The next Monday I celebrated Mother's Day with Sophie at school.
Then there was baseball,
and more baseball!
It was a great season for him and he grew a lot!
Then there were some plays.
 John Curtis was a pirate in his school play.
 Then the kids were in their church play.

There were school pool parties,

 and a dance recital,
and JC won the math award for his class.
 Then there was 5th grade graduation.
My sweet girl was awarded the citizenship award by her classmates.  
She also received the presidential award.
Sweet Caroline came to watch her 5th grade buddies graduate.
Sophie's 3rd and 4th grade teachers
Super proud of this girl!
 On the last day of school the 5th graders walked the halls
 and then ended up in the gym for their last dance.

 Such good Fort Concho memories!

Now we are ready for a great summer!