Monday, July 24, 2017

2016-2017 School Year

Wow!  I've never gone this long without blogging since I started! We had a lot of distractions this year that kept me from chronicling our life but since this blog has taken the place of my scrapbooks I don't want to have a big gap.  So...I spent the day creating the longest blog post ever of the highlights of our past school year.

First Day of School

 4th Grade
 7th Grade
 JC played flag football,

 We took a trip to Aggieland,

 We celebrated Halloween,

 Danced at the Sock Hop,

 And celebrated Thanksgiving.

 Sophie danced in the Nutcracker,

 We celebrated JC's 10th birthday,

 and Christmas.

 In February we went to the rodeo,
In March JC presented his TRIYS project,
We said goodbye to my precious Mimi,
 Sophie was baptized

 and JC continued swimming.

 In April Taylor started his new job at Sugar Land Baptist
 and we celebrated Easter in Weatherford.
 May was busy with Director's Choice,

 Mother's Day,
 and end of year activities.
 JC was in the church musical,
 and an art show,
and I was honored with Teacher of the Year for my school.

That was more or less our whirlwind of a year. Now we are soaking up as much summer as we can before we start it all over again in our new town.