Sunday, September 20, 2015

The 2nd Half of Summer

The day after we got back from Asia it was Sophie's birthday.  We were so tired and jet lagged we didn't do much celebrating, but we did stay awake long enough to go out to dinner and eat some cupcakes.

 Once we got over our jetlag and felt normal again we had a little swim party to celebrate her birthday.  Five friends were able to join us for some swimming watermelon, and ice cream.

The next week the Barkers invited us to Wild Oak Ranch with them.  Taylor couldn't get away again but the kids and I had a great time playing and relaxing.

The next week found all of us at Preteen Camp.  JC was a year shy of being old enough, but since I was a counselor and Taylor was the speaker for the camp, he got to come along as a camper.

Mom came the next weekend and we did some bulk cooking before she took the kids with her to Mississippi to see family and vacation.  I stayed behind to get ready for school.

And with that our amazing summer was over.  It was definitely one we will never forget!