Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall Fun

I LOVE Family Fun Magazine. A friend from church got me a subscription ( thanks, Carol) and I have used so many ideas from it. Last weekend Sophie and I made these leaf pastries. We cut leaves out of pie crust and filled them with chocolate chips and walnuts. They were yummy!

I have started watching Gracie and Ellie after school three days a week. On Monday we made the oreo cookie turkeys from the magazine. It was definitely the best snack they've had at my house!

On Wednesday when the girls were over they colored Pilgrim and Indian puppets and had fun playing with them behind the puppet theater.

Fun times at the Sandlin house!


Julie said...

You always do such fun things! I feel like I don't do anything fun...we are doing the leaf pastries tomorrow!!! :) Very cute idea. I think Emma's class made the turkeys in their "cooking" class on Thursday. very cute!

Debbie Mendrop said...

You are a good and crafty mom. You are making such wonderful memories with your children. Bring us a oreo turkey! See you soon.

Misty Jo said...

Your kids get more precious everyday. Noah loves the Christmas lights. He will say "wow". He still isn't talking much. I am surprised that he hasn't really bothered our tree. Take care.