Monday, September 14, 2009

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Here are some more pictures from the weekend of the kids enjoying being outside.

Last weekend my Mom gave JC this raincoat and umbrella. I laughed at her and told her he really didn't need it since it never rains here. Well Mom, I was wrong. He wore it a lot last week.

He likes to balance his umbrella on his head

Gracie is officially a spoiled dog. She has made herself right at home. Right now she is stretched out on the couch. She hates it when we leave her and always runs out and tries to jump in the van. I let her ride with us to pick up Sophie and as much as I can. I hate to hear her crying when I have to put her back in the house. Her previous owners gave us the sweater she has on, but it has really come in handy. We shaved her when we got back from the lake thinking it would be hot for several more weeks. We were wrong. The cooler weather we've been having has been making her shiver. She loves her cozy sweater.

The kids really enjoyed riding through and jumping in the puddles.

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Grammy said...

I bet Noah's children laughed at him, too. Love the pics!