Saturday, July 2, 2011

Drippings of Grace in a Dry Land

 It is HOT and DRY in Texas.  Here in West Texas, just driving around town is depressing.  Due to watering restrictions patches of dirt are cropping up everywhere.  Grass that is hanging on is pretty much brown.  Temperatures well over 100 since April have become the norm, yet they can put you in a bad mood.

Yet everyday when we drive home these beautiful sunflowers peeking over a rock wall wave to the kids and me.  We comment on them almost every time and they bring a smile to our faces.

Taylor often quotes C.S. Lewis in calling these moments "drippings of grace".

We've discovered a hummingbird living on our backyard. One day recently it was a "cool" 96 degrees, about 10 degrees cooler than the norm.   I spotted him that day.   I'd seen a few in our backyard this year, but they are so tiny you don't usually notice them up in the trees.  Unlike the blue jay that hangs out around our house and demands our attention with its vibrancy, this little guy was very understated. Still, I sat and watched him for a good 45 minutes.  It was beautiful flitting around.

Thankfully, those West Texas sunsets can always be counted on.  We've had some breathtaking ones this summer.

Grace is a very good thing.  Every season brings its own opportunities for it.   This summer I've had more time with family and friends.  I've been struggling to learn patience with my children, how to love Taylor more selflessly, and what it means to be a true friend.  The hard lessons always are a struggle, but these are the lessons that God has placed before me in this season.  May your summer be blessed as God grants you drippings of His grace.


Debbie Mendrop said...

Beautiful words. 2 thoughts come to mind. First is grace. I have always benefited from God's grace, but it is only as I mature that I have come to see it, appreciate it, and see how far I fall short each day. Second, seems like the closer you get to Him, the more He works on those little, sometimes big, things that keep us from sweet fellowship. I pray that I learn the lessons quickly, and that He does not have to prod me too much. I can be pretty dense. Love you! You bring such joy to my life!

Recovering Church Lady said...

Yes, I like that "Drippings of grace" phrase, works perfectly! Thanx for the comment and I really enjoyed your grace drippings alot!

TeamBortzfield said...

great pictures!