Thursday, September 1, 2011


 I could not think of any clever way to tie all of these pictures together.  I have not adapted quickly to this back to school schedule and the creative juices just aren't flowing.  So I'm just going to throw them out there.  This is what has been going on in our world...

 John Curtis got to attend his very first sleepover Friday night.  He was super excited to spend time with all his favorite buddies from church.  We enjoyed our time with Sophie eating Chinese food and curled up in bed watching Parent Trap.  She likes the "new" one better than the old one.  Kids these days!

 On Sunday night we had Birthday Bash at church.  Everyone sits with their month's birthday and we celebrate everyone's special day at once.
 I was in charge of April's tables and went with an umbrella theme.
 My umbrella topiary
 The music was great!
Last night was our Wednesday night kick-off with the kids

There you have it!

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