Sunday, November 6, 2011

Abilene Zoo

 Taylor had to speak in Abilene on Saturday afternoon so the kids and I decided to ride along with him and visit the zoo.  I have not been to this zoo since I was pretty young and my grandparents lived in Abilene.  Some parts were very much the same, but there were some new parts, too.
  We started with a picnic lunch
 Sophie was our navigator.

 Feeding the ducks
 Sally in tow.  This is the 3rd zoo Sally has visited with Sophie.  Too bad I didn't take the time to fix her hair!
 Feeding the giraffes was the best part.

Thankfully they have updated the playground since I was little.  I vaguely remember slides on the backs of animals. 

I had a great day with my two little monkeys!


Grammy said...

Get that child down off that high toy! She might break something. I think that is the same giraffe that was there 20 years ago.

Lindsey said...

Aw-the giraffe tongues are still gross!

mimi sharon said...

I remember your grandmother took you and our girls to the Zoo while we went to a golf tournament. Good memories. Love Sophie's hair up.