Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sophie Dances and Sings

Lots has been going on in Sophie's world.  Last Thursday at Dia de los Ninos at her school Sophie performed 3 dances she has been working on during enrichment class.  

The kids also got to ride in the school parade,

 and Sophie enjoyed showing off her cape she had made in class.  She's "Fire Girl".

On Saturday Mom and Dad came for the weekend.  They watched Sophie's Spring Showcase for ballet.

Rehearsal I taped.

 Our friend took some great pics of Sophie during the performance.

Beautiful Ballerinas

Sunday night Mom and Dad stayed to watch Sophie's choir performance at church.

Finally, I took some video of Sophie's ballet class during Parent Observation this week.  She's moving up another level this summer.  This is the last level before she goes to pointe and her teacher said she'll be the youngest one in the class, so she'll probably stay in this level a while.  She's really loving it and excelling though and we are very proud of our little ballerina!

Wow that was a long post.  Obviously I'm just a little bit proud of my sweet girl!


Debbie Mendrop said...

That girl dances her way through life! Such grace, such poise. Gone is the little girl who ran into walls. She is beautiful.

ematwell said...

in the video of her dancing .. can I just assume that she is right and everybody else is wrong?

Alyson Sandlin said...

You can assume that..they are probably all a little off though!

Julie said...

wow! sophie is a beautiful ballerina!!!

Julie said...

wow! sophie is a beautiful ballerina!!!