Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slumber Party!

Sophie had an early birthday party on Wednesday.  Since her friend is moving overseas she wanted to have a sleepover when she could come. She chose to have an American Girl party.

Getting invitations ready
One for the girls and one for their dolls
It's VBS week (we're a little crazy) so we went straight from there to the pool for pizza and watermelon.

John Curtis got to join us for this part of the party,
as did the dolls.
After swimming for a while it was back to the house for games,
 (tiaras for the dolls),

 and quizzes.

 Then it was dinner time
 for the girls,
 and the dolls.  Sally is quite flexible when she eats.
 Yummy cake pops for dessert


 Then we had to get 4 little girls and their 4 dolls ready for bed.  They settled down to watch a movie.

Amazingly, they were all asleep before 10.  Maybe a sleepover during VBS isn't such a bad idea after all!


Grammy said...

Happy early birthday, dearest Sophie! Looks lik you and Sally had a wonderful time.

mackyton said...

Hey!! This slumber party is looking so enjoyable. The kids are having a great time. Have been thinking of throwing my daughter a birthday party at one of local Seattle venues. Will go with snow white themed party. She will definitely love it.