Monday, September 10, 2012

Grandparents' Day!

G-Momma and Poppa came to see us this weekend for Grandparents' Day at the kids' school. 

 They had lunch with JC first.

 Then it was on to Sophie's room.
 Her class walked to the Farmer's Market Thursday morning to buy veggies.
 Then the made soup for the grandparents.
 They had a little presentation, too.
After school we all went downtown for Sophie's ballet class.  The boys went to the library and G-Momma and I slipped in to watch Sophie dance.  Then we stayed downtown for a yummy dinner at Bean on the Bayou.  Lots of shrimp!
 We hung out at the house for a while and then they took the kids back to their hotel to swim and spend the night.  Taylor and I enjoyed a quiet house!
Saturday morning was so nice!  I actually had to put on a sweater to sit on the porch.
 After lunch we were back at the hotel so the kids could swim while we watched the Aggie game compliments of Hampton Inn's ESPN.

 After dinner we played a huge game of Chinese Checkers.  It takes a while to play with 6 people!
We had a great weekend!  Thanks for coming, G-Momma and Poppa!

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