Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nutcracker and Birthday Weekend

Mom, Dad, Lindsey, and Brian came last weekend to see Sophie in the Nutcracker and celebrate JC's birthday a few days early.

 They got here Friday night.  Taylor had Nutcracker duty but the rest of us enjoyed a quiet evening together. The boys decorated gingerbread cookies,
 The next morning I made gingerbread pancakes for my gingerbread girl,
 we played a lot,
 and then we had a little birthday party.

Mom, Dad, and Lindsey went to Nutcracker Saturday afternoon and then headed home.  I attended by myself Saturday night and then JC went with me Sunday afternoon.  He loved the first act with the party scene and the fighting.  After Sophie danced he promptly fell asleep.

 We made these little mice for Sophie's mice cast,
 and these bracelets for all the gingerbread girls.
 My beautiful gingerbread girl
 and mouse.
Sophie had lots of wonderful friends come and support her.  It was a wonderfully exhausting weekend!

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Grammy said...

She was the most beautiful ballerina on the stage.