Saturday, April 20, 2013

School Happenings

In my January post, back when I was enjoying some down time,  I accurately predicted that the pace of life would pick up considerably each month until school let out.  Well, here we are in the middle of April and we are in the thick of it all.  We are having fun with t-ball, ballet, church, spending time with friends, and lots of school activities.  It has been busy, but so good too.  I'm not expecting it to slow down at all until school lets out.  Then we have those lazy days by the pool to look forward to!

The kids have been learning and growing so much at school lately. 

 Back in March the school's artwork was displayed in the local gallery as part of downtown's Art Walk

 The week before Easter Sophie's class put on an Economics Fair.  Her group made and sold smoothies.
 She was exhausted and learned that she never wants to work in food service!  The people just kept coming, wanting to be served!
 This week Sophie's class did a living museum and each chose a biography to report on.
Sophie chose the famous dancer, Isadora Duncan.  After more research I discovered she was quite a scandalous person.  The children's biographies left out all the juicy details though. 
 Finally, we are getting to plant our community garden at the school again.  We didn't get to plant in the fall due to our water restrictions so it was a lot of work t get it cleaned up and ready again.

We have lots of things sprouting up and Sophie has had fun tending to it during recess.  We hope to have lots of veggies soon!

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