Friday, January 10, 2014

Nutcracker and Grandparent Visit

The Friday night we got out of school, Grammy, Bumpaw, DeeDee, Brian, and Baby Carter came to visit.  Sophie had opening night of Nutcracker so Taylor went to watch that night.  The next morning we had Christmas together.
 He finally got Skylanders!

 Loved hanging out with this guy!!!!

 That afternoon they all went to see Sophie perform.  After an early dinner they all went home while I attended the evening performance of Nutcracker. 
 G-Momma and Poppa came in that night and JC got to open more birthday presents!
Then after church on Sunday they went and watched Sophie's last performance.
We spent Monday painting the house and packing and moving some.  Sophie got to pick her own color and paint her own room.

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