Sunday, February 16, 2014

House Progress: Guest Room

    When we bought our new home we were excited to find something with the size and price we wanted and just a few "cosmetic" changes we wanted to make.  We moved in right after Christmas.  It was a whirlwind with the holidays and making a trip to Mississippi to see my grandfather.  Then I got the flu and it took forever for me to feel like myself again.  About the time I got better, Taylor left for 2 weeks in Israel.  It was maddening not to have started on any of the changes we wanted to make.  Taylor got home and was jet lagged and it took about a week for him to feel like himself again.  Suddenly we find that it is February and we have done nothing to the house except unsuccessfully try to scrape wallpaper in the bathroom.
     Taylor finally had time to get started on tiling the guest room.  He decided to start back there on the room that will be used least in order to practice.  It was a slow process with many trips to Lowe's, but after a nice snow day that kept us home one day this week and a full weekend to work, we finally finished the guest room.  Well, kind of.  I still need to scrape the popcorn ceilings and paint them, but will hopefully get that done next weekend.

This is what the guest room looked like when we first looked at the house:

We painted the walls, pulled up the carpet, put down tile, and added new baseboards.  This is the finished product:


      I am so ready to get furniture in here and decorate and have a room totally finished, BUT we don't have furniture for this room yet!

Meanwhile, this is what the rest of our house looks like:

 We have a huge dresser in the hall.
 When you walk into our home you are greeted by boxes of tile with things from Sophie's room piled on top.
 Sophie's headboard and doors are in the hallway.  Her mattresses are in the den.
The kids have been great at being flexible and sharing a room for a while.  We even got Sophie to paint baseboards today!
We have Sophie's room all cleaned out and ready for tile. We are hoping it will go faster now that we have everything we need and know what we're doing.   I already scraped and pained the ceiling and since we DO have furntiure for her room we will hopefully have a room TOTALLY finished next weekend.  Stay tuned!


Lindsey said...

So very impressed with your DIY!! Tile looks great-can't wait to sleep in it. Just say the word and we we got some furniture for ya!

Julie said...

I love seeing what ya'll are doing! Very impressive! Love it. :)