Sunday, March 16, 2014

House Progress: Spring Break Work Week

Taylor and I set aside Spring Break week to make a big dent in the house remodel.  It wasn't Disney World, but it was fun to make progress.  We knew it would be a big mess so the kids spent most of the week with Grammy and Bumpaw in Weatherford. 

 This is what our front living room has looked like since we moved in, only it used to be full of tile.  Taylor moved it to other parts of the house.
 This is our den leading off the living room with some of our new furniture that will eventually go in the living room but is currently in our bedroom.

 Here is our kitchen off the den and how it looked at the beginning of the week.
 So here was our plan for the week: 1. Scrape ceilings in kids' bathroom, hallways, living room, den, and kitchen. 2.  Texture those same ceilings as well as the bathroom and kitchen walls that had wallpaper.  3. Pull up the carpet in those areas with mess on it. 4.  Paint all of those rooms, ceilings and walls. 5.  Tile and completely finish the kids' bathroom.  We worked our tails off, but we accomplished all of that!
 So after the first day of scraping ceilings, this is what our rooms looked like.
 We got all the way through pulling up the carpet and getting that mess out of the house before Mom brought the kids back on Thursday.
 Then EVERYONE pitched in on the painting.  Mom is a master painter so she made it go a lot faster.

 We will be living on concrete for a while, but here is the front living room right now.
 And our den where our kids are enjoying riding their scooters and rip sticks.  We're pretty sure that is a blood stain in front of the fire place and have all sorts of theories about that!
 My newly painted kitchen.  Still need new countertops and backsplash.  Appliances have been ordered!
 And finally...the one room we actually finished...the kids' bathroom.

 This is how it looked before with carpet by the sink and linoleum by the bathtub.
 Here it is now with beautiful new tile, paint, handles, and accessories.

So there is our exciting Spring Break.  Today we rested!  Next up Taylor will start tiling all those areas, but it will take a while.  The house is definitely a labor of love!
Here are some side by side comparisons of the rooms we've done so far:



Lindsey said...

Wow-the bathroom looks so great! And the grey paint in both living rooms make s world of difference. Awesome job!

Grammy said...

It truly is a labor of love. You two are the only ones who will ever know how much love went into that house. But it will be a beautiful home for a beautiful family for many years.

Julie said...

I am impressed, Alyson! You guys are doing a great job!