Sunday, May 25, 2014

House Progress: Living Room

We got Lindsey, Brian, and Carter off.

 It was an emotional goodbye, but everything went very smoothly on their trip and they are currently safely in Bangkok for a few days.
Mom got in the car with me after we said goodbye and we headed back to San Angelo.  We got back just in time to watch Sophie dance at her Spring Showcase.  On Friday Mom came to school to help me.  I was instructed to keep her busy and I took my job seriously!  Dad came to San Angelo Friday afternoon.  The plan was for them to go to JC's baseball game that night, but the game ended up being rained out so Dad got to see Sophie dance and Mom watched a 2nd time.
On Saturday we all got busy on the house.  Taylor has been working on the 2 largest rooms over the last few months.  The front living room leads into the den and we got it all finished!
 These are pictures of the house from the internet when it was for sale and the previous owners owned it.
 It had carpet, popcorn ceilings, and tile in the entry way.
 This is the view of it leading into the den.
 So for a few months it was our tile storage room.
 Then there was our crazy Spring Break work week.

This is my beautiful room now.  This is what you see when you walk into my home.
It leads into the den, which also has all finished floors, but currently no furniture.

 Obviously we still need to do the hallway!
We still have a few tools out, but here is the view of the front door when you're standing in front of the couch.
We had such a great weekend with Mom and Dad.  We got tons of rain, got to spend time together, and even got to Skype with Lindsey.
So thankful we still have one more day off tomorrow and then only 4 days of school!  Taylor is going to try to get the hallway finished and Sophie and I thought we'd attack the half bath tomorrow!

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Debbie Mendrop said...

Well worth all the work. Just keep going, your home will be a beautiful place in just a few months!