Friday, September 19, 2014

House Progress: Guest Room

Our guest room was the first room we actually finished as far as the tile, paint, and ceiling.  Last weekend my parents brought the bed for the room and we finished putting it together.  With all of our family living out of town I really wanted to find a house with an extra bedroom.  I'm so thankful we have a comfortable place to put our company!
 This is the room when we bought the house.  The previous owners used it for an office.
 Now here is our sweet little guest room.
 This room is very different from the rest of our house.  The bed was my sister's when we were growing up and before that it was my aunt's.  I'm not sure where it originally came from or how long it has been in the family.  The desk in the corner was ours when we were kids as well.  It was in Sophie's old bedroom. The quilt was made for me by my grandmother.  The pictures on either side of the bed are photos I took in the Cinque Terre in 2001.  There is a great view out of the window too.
 We put Sophie's sewing and painting corner in this room.  She's been spending quite a bit of time in here working at her desk and sewing table.  Don't tell JC but since it is across the hall from her room she's treating it like an extension of her room.
 We hope it will be a nice place for our guests to stay.
Come see us sometime!

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