Wednesday, December 31, 2014

JC's 8th Birthday Party

I am so thankful that my December baby doesn't ever want a big birthday party.  All he wanted this year was to hang out with his best buddy, Connor. So we planned a sleepover for the first weekend in December.
 I was reading back through my posts this week and I think Connor has celebrated almost every birthday with JC, all the way back to his first.  I didn't know then that they would be best friends, but I'm thankful for this friendship.
He asked for a Lego party this year so the boys made Lego pizzas.
 We decorated with Legos and Taylor made a Lego cake.

There was a whole lot of Lego Batman Wii playing and they watched the Lego Batman movie.  It was the perfect birthday party for my big 8 year old.
I was fretting before the party because my back had gone out and I couldn't get up and do much.  JC said, "Mom, I'm going to talk to you like you talk to me.  Quit worrying.  Everything is perfect and just the way Connor and I want it."  Sweet boy!  He sure is growing up fast!

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