Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Sandlins in March

We started out our March with our school Hoedown that had to be rescheduled due to a snow day.  It was Sophie's last Fort Concho dance, which was a little sad after 5 years.

 Both kids also competed in TRIYS another year.  Another last for Sophie, but this one wasn't quite as sad!  Lots of work goes into those projects!
 We had a great Spring Break.  Sophie went to ballet a few days, JC went to baseball camp at ASU, and we enjoyed hanging out at home.
 On Tuesday we went with the Fentresses to Abilene to see the Gossetts.

 It was St. Patrick's Day so we got green ice cream.
On Thursday we went to Granbury Lake for the weekend.
 It rained pretty much the entire time so we had to find things to do inside.  Grammy and Bumpaw came Friday night and spent the night.

 The last weekend in March both sets of grandparents came to watch Sophie dance in Poetry in Motion.
 G-Momma and Poppa were here Friday night to watch JC's first baseball game of the season.

 He loves playing catcher
 Then on Saturday everyone watched Sophie dance.

Another wonderful month in 2015!

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