Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas and New Year 2015

Our Christmas festivities began the weekend we got out of school.  It was a big weekend!  On Friday night Mom, Kay, Taylor, Lindsey and I went to watch Sophie dance as a flower and snow in the Nutcracker.

The next day was John Curtis's 9th birthday.  It was so fun to have so much family here! 
 After lunch the boys all went to see Star Wars

 Happy birthday sweet boy!
That night it was back to Nutcracker, but this time the whole family went to watch Sophie perform as Clara.  We took up an entire row!
 Both great grandmothers!
 Sophie's artistic director, Ms. Gina
 The whole family

So many friends came to support Sophie too.
It was a magical evening!
The next morning everyone was at church together before they had to leave.  Then Taylor and I went back to watch Sophie one more time. 
 More friends!

 The two Claras
 Sophie's first autograph

 It was a great weekend!
After Nutcracker was over it was time to get ready for Christmas!
Christmas Eve
 Christmas Morning!

 That evening we went to Weatherford

 The next day we drove to Texarkana and spent a few fun days there.

 On our way back home we left the kids in Weatherford through New Year's Day.  They had fun doing fireworks.

 Taylor and I came back on New Year's for one last family Christmas.

What a wonderful, full 2 weeks. 

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