Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Pictures

We spent another full weekend working on the play house.  A lot of it was detail work so you may not notice a huge difference, but we really did get a lot done.  When Taylor got home from work Thursday night we worked for a few hours on the siding.  On Friday afternoon I took the kids to Miss Cindy's and we worked on the roof in the cold, cold wind.  Burr!!!
Taylor working on Friday
Saturday morning was COLD.  Robert and James came over to help Taylor around 8:30 when it was still in the 30's.  Someone had to stay inside with the kids and I was glad to be the one to do it.  I caught them in a sweet moment watching cartoons.

The guys got the roof on and this is what it looked like Saturday afternoon.

It was warm enough after nap that the kids got to come out and play.  Sophie decided her house needed to be swept out.
Today after church and nap Taylor worked on the trim while the kids and I primed the inside.  They had so much fun painting and made a huge mess.  I couldn't get it all off of them so they will go to school tomorrow with paint on them and in their hair.

Sophie really was a big help.
John Curtis thought he was.
Working hard.
This is what it looked like tonight when Taylor finally finished working.  I'm going to start painting the outside tomorrow while the kids are at school.  We're into the fun part now!


Grammy said...

Let's accessorize! So many possibilities! They will have many happy hours in that playhouse. Can't wait to see it. Love you all!

Melissa said...

It looks great! Brooke was looking at the pictures with me, and asked if Sophie has a castle in her backyard LOL!