Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paint, Paint, and More Paint

Can you guess what I've been doing this week?  I spent much of the day yesterday while the kids were at school painting the outside of the house white.  Then today I pulled down all of the old paint from the garage that we had used to paint our house various colors over the last 3 years.  I gave the kids a few sections of the inside of the house to decorate and they got busy.  I was so pleased with how their painting turned out.  It was a fun morning and in the middle of it I thought, "This is one of those days I'll remember forever."  When the kids went down for nap I finished out the white painting and started working on the trim.  I love the way the green trim looks.  When I was painting it I kept thinking about the house in Anne of Green Gables.  That gave me warm fuzzy feelings.
My own little white house
John Curtis starting his masterpiece

Sophie working carefully
What a work of art! (Sophie and the picture)
So proud of his work!
The handprints over the back door

The beginnings of Green Gables


Janet said...

I absolutely love it! How fun! And I love that the kids have gotten to add their own personal touch to it. Your work looks great!

I love Anne of Green Gables. One of my favorite series ever. I could read those books over and over again!

Team Bortzfield said...

maybe Sophie can play with her Bosom Friend up there~

Sharon Hamilton said...

I love it,I especially like their handprints it will be fun to see when they are older.