Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Found Jesus...Or Did He Find Us????

I just wanted to update those of you who have been losing sleep over this. Baby Jesus has been found. Taylor found him in the couch cushions. This is a mystery to me. As it is common for us to lose small toys in our couch, that is one of the first places I looked. Yet I didn't see Baby Jesus. Perhaps only Taylor has eyes to really see Him.
So the family is back together again. All is right with the world....almost.

Notice anyone missing? Yes, there are now only 2 wisemen. However, I'm not going to get hung up on this. The 3rd wiseman isn't integral to the story. After all, the Bible only mentions 3 gifts, not 3 men, and all 3 gifts are there at the manger. See for yourself. Perhaps there were only 2 wisemen. It could be that our nativity is truer to actual events than most (except that the wisemen weren't acutally at the manger, and Mary and Joseph are all clean, and Mary is actually able to stand up, oh...and they're all white). Other than that it is a very accurate retelling. We have a few theories about the missing wiseman. Maybe he wasn't so wise and he is actually the culprit in Jesus going missing (however, I suspect a different "little man" is responsible for the baby's disappearance). Or maybe he is still seeking Him, not realizing he has been returned to the manger.
Or maybe this guy ate him. Just kidding, he's a very nice dinosaur who was just playing with Baby Jesus.
Anyway, Jesus is safely returned and everyone is rejoicing, even Uniqua (no idea how she got incorporated in). And yet I do see Mary's eye occasionally glance longingly over at the race track.


Julie Walker said...

I am so glad he is back! That was hilarious!

Leslie said...

Thank goodness he made the journey home!:) LOve Uniqua and the dinosaur...fabulous!!!

Janet said...

Your story is hilarious and I love it! I'm so glad baby Jesus was found, and I'm sure Kade would love to see Uniqua on scene as well!

Grammy said...

Oh, sermon illustrations abound! Can't wait to see how Taylor will use this one. You actually have no idea what Mary does when the lights are off, do you? Glad He showed up in time.

Chris and Carolee said...

So funny. Chris and I just laughed and laughed. Thanks for sharing.

Allison Bellomy said...

so funny!!!