Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Try, Bumpaw!

My parents came for a visit this weekend. Sophie wanted to make them breakfast all by herself on Saturday. In her Sunday School class they had made breakfast for the parents last Sunday and Sophie was excited to try out "her" recipe.
Dad loves to ride his bike. He bought Sophie a really nice bike hoping that she would share his love. She has enjoyed her bike with training wheels, but has had no desire to take them off. Dad came this weekend with a plan. He had researched some ways to teach kids to ride a bike. He wanted to leave Saturday night having successfully taught Sophie to ride. He gave it a good shot.
Showing her what to do
She would coast down the hill with her pedals off and her feet dragging the ground.
This was supposed to teach her balance.
They stuck with it longer than I thought they would.
She was proud of small progress she made.
Meanwhile, this is what John Curtis was doing. We thought he was so smart when he got the first rock and put it behind his scooter to keep it from rolling away. Then he just got carried away.
He even gave bike riding a try.
Good effort, Bumpaw. She'll get it soon and she'll always remember that Bumpaw was the one who taught her to ride a bike.


Grammy said...

Good times, as always! He has dreams of riding long rides with her, sharing his love of the sport, talking cadence and speed. I told him to hold out for JC, he might be his riding buddy.

TeamBortzfield said...

What a great pic of the folks! I love JC's inventiveness, he must be and Aggie!

Carol/Hunna said...

What great memories! My dad taught Allison to ride her bike when she was 5 - 36 years ago!!