Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Weekend Project????

Does anyone else out there have a problem doing just one household project and being done with it? Ours tend to come upon us when we least expect it and then we suddenly find ourselves in a really big project - like the time we started ripping up the linoleum on our kitchen floor just because we were tired of it, or last Spring Break when the kids were gone and we decided to start "pricing" playscapes for the back yard. We have a long list of improvements we want to make to our home, but the order and timeline in which those will get accomplished is anyone's guess. We just wait for the mood to come upon us. I'll admit this one has been building for a while. To be exact, ever since a precious little fur ball joined our family.She looks innocent, but she can really tear up a door - or 2. Gracie doesn't like being left alone in the backyard, so when we were gone she tried to get in by first shredding my screen door and then severely scratching up the actual door. The screen door wasn't great to begin with, but I love having the door open when the kids are outside and I'm inside or vice versa. It was something I really didn't want to do without now that it is getting warmer. So that was Taylor's weekend project. He bought and installed our new screen door (with a retractable screen on top that Gracie cannot get to). So since the door would be protected I wanted to get it sanded and cleaned up.

You will agree with me that it REALLY needed it I'm sure. You can see where we tried some different colors out. We went with the charcoal color.
This is the finished product
Of course you can't really see it with our beautiful new screen door closed. But I really liked the black look on the door and since I had barely used any of the gallon of paint we bought...
I did this...
and part of this post...
and I had to do some next to the brick to see how it would look.
So I've now committed myself to painting all of the trim, the front door, and the shutters black. Oh, and as soon as we get the sprayer from my dad we will paint the rest of the wood, too. Please do not judge me if you drive by my house and it is several different colors. I'm not sure how long this will take me.
And because some people get bent out of shape when I don't post pics of the kiddos, here they are. They loved being outside all day and I have a dirt ring around the bathtub to prove it.


Grammy said...

Are you sure Taylor's last name is not really Mendrop? That sounds so like something we would do. But it will be beautiful, when you are done. That's the fun part of house owning - YOU ARE NEVER THROUGH!

TeamBortzfield said...

love to the bunnies!