Thursday, April 1, 2010

What a Week!

Wow! As I write this I am very glad that this is a four day school week and we get tomorrow off. This was one of those weeks that simply wears you out. I am a person who likes to keep control. I make plans for my week and surprisingly things normally go along as I plan them. I knew this would be a busy week going in - Holy Week is always Taylor's busiest week of the year. Why then would I decide I could paint my house during this week? Because I can handle it, I can keep things together, I can get everything done....until I can't. Then I have to choose to let go and be okay with the messy house, the half painted trim, and the fact that the kids' Easter baskets might be empty. While I got a good jump on the painting on Monday and Tuesday, with only one small incident of a shirt being ruined, the paint all sits where I left it on Tuesday afternoon, the painters tape beginning to flap in the wind. On that day Sophie came home in tears after falling off some playground equipment while at the park with friends. She landed on her wrist and scraped up her face. I thought she would be fine since her wrist wasn't swelling and she could move it. She wasn't using it though. It is a good thing God gave her 2 parents because Taylor decided she needed to go to the dr. Sure enough, it was broken. She's been a little trooper, but she is pretty uncomfortable in the heavy, itchy, cast. She has had some down moments when she can't do fun things other kids are doing or some of the things she is used to doing for herself (Mommy is having a hard time with that, too). She is surviving, but it has been emotional for her. Throw into the mix some discussions we've had with her about switching schools next year, and her little world has been rocked. I don't always handle all this any better than she does. I like routine and predictability and have passed that on to her. But this week has not been predictable. My mom always says, "You're only as happy as your saddest child." I'm finally understanding what she means by that.

We have been blessed this week, though and are thankful as we look toward Easter and our Maundy Thursday service tonight.

Last night the kids had an Easter egg hunt at church. I was able to literally run down to snap some pictures while my 1st and 2nd graders were off on a scavenger hunt.

May you have a blessed and restful Easter!


mimi sharon said...

You're a good mom, sometimes life's surprises turn out to be the best part of life.

Grammy said...

The week is almost over. It had to happen, I just thought it would be the boy with the broken bone, not careful timid Sophie. Hope the cast goes with the Easter dress!

Janet said...

I am sorry for the crazy week y'all have had! You always handle everything beautifully though. You never seem to get frazzled. I first broke my arm when I was 4 and then again when I was 5 and I remember how itchy that cast was. A little tip, we always got a rat tail comb to stick down in there and scratch. It always made me feel better. Good luck dealing with all the things a broken arm brings in the next few weeks!