Friday, August 13, 2010

Poor Deserted Children

Yes, we are the parents who left our children for 11 days while we went to Hawaii. I know a lot of parents cannot fathom doing this, but Taylor and I have never really had a problem leaving our kids in the capable hands of their grandparents. We were really missing them towards the end of our trip, but we are always able to enjoy our time alone. Don't feel too sorry for our children. They were living it up with both sets of grandparents. They spent half the time at my parents' house swimming, shopping, eating ice cream, and playing with their great grandparents. Mom sent me these pictures of their time together. They spent the second half with Taylor's parents and had fun playing with their dog, riding their scooters up and down Poppa's halls at school, and doing crafts. Sophie really got into sewing, too. We are so thankful that our kids have two sets of grandparents that they genuinely enjoy spending time with. They have never shed a tear in our absence and we never have to worry about them. Thanks G-Momma, Poppa, Grammy, and Bumpaw!


Grammy said...

Such good times! I so enjoyed our week. You are welcome to plan another trip anytime.

TeamBortzfield said...

Is JC guarding his ice cream from Bumpaw?
Chloe can say Bumpaw now, it sounds pretty country and a whole lot twangy. She must have heard Mimi say it a lot.

Kristie said...

We're "those" parents too and the kids hardly miss us as they too, have grandparents who love spoiling them. In fact, Finley gave Evan the warmest reception full of hugs and kisses. She barely said hi to Matt and I. :) Matt and I definitely enjoy our time together.