Friday, October 15, 2010

Sock Hop

I need to warn you upfront that I might have gone a little overboard with pictures and video on this post. I just couldn't resist, though. Sophie's school had a sock hop today. They have been working so hard on the dances during P.E. and her G-Momma made her this adorable poodle skirt. It was really cute. I know the last video is really long, but it still makes me laugh out loud when I watch it.


Grammy said...

I felt like I was right there! It looked like such fun, good job, Sophie. Where in the world did you get all that rhythm from?

TeamBortzfield said...

oh my goodness that was awesome I love the last one what a great mix of songs. Great job Sophie! Can you do the Jerk like Bumpaw?

mimi sharon said...

So much fun, If there were a show "Dancing with the First Graders" Sophie would win. Taylor would be second. I loved it.