Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have a problem with stacks of papers. I hate them, and yet I can't seem to get rid of them.
This stack of mail has been sitting there since I got home Sunday night. To keep it from growing I've stopped checking the mail.
I sat down to go through it the other day, but I ended up reading the Time magazine in the stack.
This is a basket (overflowing) of stuff I don't know what to do with. When I finally do get around to going through the mail every now and then there are always those things that don't go in the trash or get filed and I just don't know where to put them, so they go here.
And now my children are making stacks...Sophie's room above
JC's stack of books on his night stand
This stack is sitting right beside me now. It is stuff I need to do on the computer...e-mail a mom that we can't make it to a party, spend a friend's Gym bucks by Sunday (Thanks, Stephanie), e-mail a parent at Sophie's school...
and this stack right beside it..I really don't know what this is.

We keep coming up with these ways to organize our papers, but in the end you still have to go through them and that's where I fall short. And yes, I do know that I could have gone through all of those stacks in the time it took me to write this blog. This was more fun though.


TeamBortzfield said...

I'm calling hoarders. just kidding i think you really have to worry when the stacks get on the floor and then you step on them.

Lindsey said...

I do the same thing-maybe its in our genes. But my house is smaller so I DO look like a hoarder if I let it get really bad!

Grammy said...

I have found that if you leave stuff long enough, you don't have to do anything with it at all! This expires and that is over and who know why I was keeping this, so it all goes in the trash. Problem solved.

Julie said...

Alyson, I totally get this! :) We have stacks everywhere too, and so do the kids. Glad to know I am not the only one!

Julie said...

I totally get this, Alyson! We have stacks everywhere too. Glad I am not the only one! :)