Saturday, January 15, 2011

Slumber Parties

Sophie's best friends had a slumber party last night. She has been so excited about it. She packed up Sally, along with Sally's clothes and sleeping bag in her carrier, which Uncle Erick refers to as Sally's coffin.

She had a great time and we had some quality time with John Curtis eating out, shopping for new fish, and watching a movie. However, when Sophie got home today John Curtis informed her that he didn't have ANY fun at his sleepover with Mom and Dad. So she invited him to have a sleepover in her room tonight. Evidently she is a better host than we are. No sleepover would be complete without a movie so they watched How to Train Your Dragon.

Then it was time to pull the trundles out. Did you know Sally's bed is a trundle? She invited John Curtis's dragon to sleep with her even though Sophie was afraid she might get scared. Sophie suggested to John Curtis that Buzz Lightyear might be a better choice since he would keep Sally safe, but after the the movie they watched, Dragon was the only choice.

They wouldn't go to sleep without a bedtime story. I wish I could say this was not the norm, but Sophie reads to Sally most nights.

Dragon looks pretty pleased with his sleeping arrangement.

Hope John Curtis had more fun at this sleepover!


e said...

Sounds like you need to step up your game and be a better host.

Tell them they can always come have a sleepover at my house. You know I'd like them do all kinds of fun things. (grin) Edie

Grammy said...

Sleepovers are always fun, even in your own house. So sweet of her to invite her brother - even if he DOES pick his nose.

mimi sharon said...

Watch out, he could want to sleep there every night.

Kristie said...

The smiling dragon made me laugh. Cute post.