Monday, May 23, 2011

All Things Ballet

We had such a great weekend.

On Friday night Sophie and I went to An Evening of Dance to watch a ballet performance the girls in Levels 3 and 4 from her dance studio put on with some professionals. G-Momma and Poppa were at our house when we got home. The kids were very excited to see them.

Sophie had been working hard on getting her ballet steps down.

Spelling may not be her greatest strength, but it's too bad you can't spell phonemically in French

On Saturday morning the girls went to Sophie's ballet rehearsal. This was the only time I was allowed to film her. They were much more together during the actual performance and all looked so beautiful in white leotards and tutus.

After rehearsal was over we met the boys at River Valley Cafe for a yummy lunch. Then G-Momma and Poppa went with John Curtis to check out our new library while Taylor and I took Sophie back to the River Stage.

We are so thankful to have grandparents who travel for many hours to see their grandkids.

We were very proud of her. She seems to really enjoy ballet and will be taking part in a summer workshop and performance at her studio.

After a hot afternoon outdoors the kids cooled off at G-Momma and Poppa's hotel pool.

Today was Sophie's last ballet class before summer and it was parent observation day. Normally her classes are closed so it was fun to see what she does every week. Not being a dancer, everything is new to me and I'm amazed that she knows what to do when her teacher yells out some word that I don't even understand. We have really loved the classic ballet style of the school and are enjoying watching her grow.

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Grammy said...

I think I will adopt Sophie's rules for my life - focus, tummy in, bottom squeezed. She is so beautiful!