Friday, May 20, 2011

Lots of School Fun

Wow! It's been a busy week. The kids have had so much going on at school to celebrate the end of the year. Both of them had such wonderful school years with great teachers. We are very thankful for the ways in which both have grown this year. I think the schools have a goal to wear the kids out during their last weeks of school so they'll sleep late when summer hits. Hope it works. After 2 field trips this week and an AR party today, Sophie got off the bus barely awake this afternoon. She said she had fallen asleep on the way home.

While Sophie was at Mr. Gatti's on Wednesday making pizza and having fun, John Curtis and I were having a picnic with our classes and parents.

On Thursday Sophie loaded a bus bright and early and traveled with her class to Sonora to tour the caverns there. This was such a neat experience for her. She especially loved riding the charter buses with TVs!

That evening her school celebrated Dia de los Ninos. They had a parade, dinner, and silent auction. They also had a talent show and dance, but we didn't make it that long. Sophie was barely standing at the end and I'm not sure how the teachers were still going.

This is Sophie's doll she got to show us that night. They wrote their own fairy tales and got to sew characters that went along with it. This is her mermaid. Sophie really enjoyed this project. I'm so thankful for how many different things she was exposed to this year.

Today was John Curtis's last day of school and Water Day. We all had so much fun. Since it was my last day too I had some fun squirting my 3 and 4 year olds with the water gun.

We're gearing up for a big weekend of ballet and family and then Sophie's last week of school with LOTS more activities. Summer is just around the corner!

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