Saturday, June 18, 2011

Girls' Week and JC in Weatherford

This was Taylor's second week to be in Waco for his doctoral classes. Sophie still had ballet all week so Mom offered to have John Curtis come spend the week with her. That left just Sophie and me all week. While I have a lot of alone time with John Curtis, it is not very often that it is just Sophie and me. It was a very quiet week, but I enjoyed my girl so much. She is growing into such a considerate and helpful girl. My mom always told me that her favorite time with us was when we were in elementary school. When I had babies I couldn't imagine that, but now I see what she means. Sophie is independent in so many ways, but she still wants to be with me. I'm thankful for the week we had together.
We played a lot of games and worked a lot of puzzles.

We went through all of Sophie's cookbooks and picked out some meals to make.
I also introduced her to The Princess Bride, we read our Narnia books we've been working through, swam with friends, helped friends deliver Meals for the Elderly, went for a walk, had lunch with friends, and spent a lot of time at ballet.

Meanwhile, John Curtis was living it up at Grammy and Bumpaw's. These are pictures Mom took and sent me during the week.

JC with his great, great aunt Max

with his great grandmother, Mimi

Ready for the Parker County Rodeo!

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Grammy said...

We had a great time! Miss that little face, and that voice. All day long. He is a delight, so loving and kind. Glad you and Sophie had time together.