Sunday, October 2, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Quite nicely. Thanks for asking.  
 This is our community garden behind Sophie's school.  It brings me joy to drive up to it every day.
 This is our own little square garden.

And now we have another one.  At Sophie's school students can participate in a research project every year. They are supposed to pick a global problem and work on it at a local level.  Last year Sophie's group chose lack of water as their global problem and raised money for water wells at a local level.  This year her group has chosen world hunger as their topic.  They are tackling it locally by participating in the community garden and helping to educate others about it.
 This week her group planted their own fall garden.

Hope we get some veggies soon!

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mimi sharon said...

Hope you get some rain. I love Sophie's serious concentration while hoeing. She is learning such valuable lessons at home and at school.