Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Mississippi Wedding

My "little"cousin got married this weekend.
She used to sit on my back while we watched cartoons.
She called both my sister and I "Insey-asson".
She wasn't calling us a dirty name (I don't think), we were just never apart when we were around her so she saw us as one person.
A kiss from her brother, Will.
He used to be my little cousin, too.

Now she's married.
It was a beautiful outdoor wedding.
Mom, Dad, Lindsey, and I had a lot of together time.
We like to take advantage of time like that and creep around cemeteries.
Mendrops everywhere in this one.
We had to rediscover our people who have been in Vicksburg forever
or at least since this guy came over from Germany.
So after spending lots of time trying to geo cache (often unsuccessfully) in Vicksburg this past summer, we literally stumbled onto one in the cemetery.
Even though we were only there for 23 hours this time,
I love this place.


TeamBortzfield said...

She's beautiful! Always good to see an old and well maintained cemetery. RIP Ernest!

Lindsey said...

Great pictures! We do look a little creepy hanging out in the cemetery....

Debbie Mendrop said...

I LOVE the pics, you do such a great job with your fancy camera. It was a fun weekend. Our family has a weird way of looking at certain things, don't you think? "I don't know about ya'll, but I had a great time!" (Melanie at about age 4)