Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Week After Christmas

 My kids always spend the week after Christmas at my parents' house.  The kids love it, my parents love it, and Taylor and I love the time to get the house back together and find a place for all the new toys.
 My dad used to always get me a chocolate sprinkle doughnut.  JC inherited my good taste!

 Lovin' the new I Pods!
  Visiting with Aunt Max
 Sophie got to go on a bike ride with DeeDee and Brian.
 Playtime at the park
 Dragon got new clothes!
 Banana splits at the Hamilton's house
 More gifts!

This is how I spent my week.  The boy can make a mess!
Our big project was a job Santa left us to do - turn Sophie's closet into a craft closet for her sewing machine.  She's really enjoying her new space.
Sally even has her own sewing space.

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