Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

 We were so glad to see the little munchkins on Friday.  We spent all day Saturday just hanging out, playing outside and some Wii inside.

  Sophie even made scooters for Sally and Dragon while we cleaned out the garage.
 Then it was time for our New Year's Eve celebration.  Aunt Edie gave the kids ballerina and baseball pasta for Christmas.  Sophie has been begging to make hers so we finally did.
 Mmm...chicken alfredo!
Sophie loves getting the china out.

During dinner we played a game where we went through the alphabet and tried to think of something we did this year that started with each letter.  It was fun to talk about the year and all the things it held.  Here are some of the ones I remember:

A - Abilene
C - Camping
E - Eat
F - Fishing
H - Hiking
L- Laughing and loving
O - Ocean
W - Worship
X - X ray for Sophie
Y - Yuletide celebrating (I know it's a stretch!)
Z - Zoo

After dinner and baths we played Family Game Night on the Wii, watched a movie, and the kids got to have a sleepover in the living room.  A perfect way to ring in the New Year!

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Grammy said...

It WAS a good year. Looking forward to a great 2012 - memories to be made and time together to share. Love you all so much!