Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break 2012

We had a great Spring Break.  We spent the first weekend at home watching movies, cleaning, resting, and playing with friends.  On Monday night we headed to Weatherford.  I took zero pictures there.  I have no excuse, but I'm sure you can picture it because I've posted pics of it all before.  We shopped, hung out with Mimi and DeeDee, ate and played at Central Market, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Hamiltons'.

Wednesday morning we headed to Texarkana.

 We went up to Poppa's school to run off some energy after being in the car all day...
and it worked!
Promise we didn't let him sleep in there!

 G-Momma had to work on Thursday morning so we drove to Hot Springs with Poppa and went to the Mid America Museum.  It was a fun place!

Friday was shopping, playing at the park, jumping at Jumping Apes, and eating out.

 Lindsey and Uncle Erick came in from Houston on Friday night.  Saturday my picture deficiency kicked back in.  Let's blame in on my allergies.  The girls got pedicures in the morning then we all went to eat at Poppa's favorite authentic Mexican food restaurant with our friends, Todd and Brooke.  We had to show Lindsey state line since this was her first trip to Texarkana.  Then they all took the kids to play miniature golf.

 Saturday night Poppa grilled out and Aunt Jan and Uncle Terry came to visit from Marshall and Todd and Brooke came back over.  It was a full, fun house.

Thanks for having us G-Momma and Poppa!

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