Monday, April 2, 2012

John Curtis

Sometimes he's a fire breathing dinosaur named Tom Hottie,

sometimes he's an herbivore who will only eat salad,
sometimes he's a carnivore who must have turkey for lunch,
sometimes he prays to "God and Jesus" and hopes they both have a good day,
sometimes he doesn't cooperate,
sometimes he's silly,

sometimes he's the Incredible Hulk, pulling up the balance beam and overturning everything in the backyard,

sometimes he's grumpy,

sometimes he peels an orange during church,

sometimes he makes thing disappear around the house,

sometimes he's a platypus,

wanting to know everything he can about how they live,
always he's our quirky, funny little boy.

1 comment:

Grammy said...

I love that funny boy so much my heart hurts. He is special in so many ways, and blesses everyone in his life. I pray for him every day, and will watch to see the path he will walk. It will be interesting!