Friday, August 24, 2012

The Last Week of Summer

We had a great week to finish up our summer. 
 On Monday the kids and I rode our bikes to Janet's house bright and early for Back to School Breakfasts.

 On Tuesday we picked up Chic Fil A and met at the park,
 then on to the pool.
 It was a very unusually cool morning!
On Wednesday I had to go to meetings at school and worked in my room all day.
 Sophie cooked dinner that night.  She told me one day that she came up with a great idea - chicken cooked in breadcrumbs!  She was very proud of the recipe she "made up" so we went with it.

 JC cooked with his own food.
Thursday morning Janet wasn't feeling well so we slept in and went to the pool.

 Friday was breakfast at my house.

 Then on to to Meet the Teacher
 Having a hard time with this one going!
 But I think Curtis John is ready for Kindergarten.
 If I could have picked their teachers this year, these are the ones I would have picked!
Ready for a weekend together and then "Let the wild rumpus begin"!

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