Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Fall Weekend

We've had a very busy, but great weekend so far.  On Friday John Curtis got to go on a field trip with his class to a local pumpkin patch.  He asked Taylor to come along.

On Friday night we drove out to Paint Rock where our staff missionaries are based.  They had just finished up a water drilling course and some of our friends were in from Ethiopia.  The kids love going out there and the weather was perfect.

 Cotton speeding by as far as you can see

 Blocking the road - one reason we love Paint Rock!

JC loves it out there for this reason!

We came home with two happy, exhausted kids and a very happy dog.
We were up bright and early Saturday for another flag football game and Nutcracker practice.  John Curtis scored his first touchdown so we were all very excited! I thought I would be cool and film with my new phone instead of my old reliable flip camera.  Unfortunately due to the sun I couldn't see my screen at all so I got horrible video that my family mocked. I guess he'll just have to do it again!
We spent the afternoon at Buffalo Wild Wings watching the Aggie game and running to and from a birthday party, and then it was time for our friends' Halloween party.
 Our mouse and dragon.  So thankful JC wanted to be Dragon again this year after all the work Taylor put into it!

 Mummy wrapping

Fun day! 


Lindsey said...

I thought your video was great-no mocking here!

mimi sharon said...

I love Fall weekend. Yours look like great fun and wonderful memories. Congratulation on that touchdown.