Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Fall Saturday

 We had another busy, busy day, but we got to get started a little later this week.  I dropped Sophie off at ballet at 10 and made it to JC's 10:15 game.

He's doing better every week and scored twice during this game and pulled his first flag.

We were freezing after his game so we went to eat Mexican food and warm up with some tortilla soup.  When Sophie got out of ballet it was time to head back to the field for his afternoon game that was a makeup from one of the rainy Saturdays.
 DeeDee came down for this game.  Brian had a meeting in Abilene so she joined him and got to sneak away for a few hours to visit us.
 The boys were super tired by this point and this is what much of the game looked like, although he did pull another flag.
The kids were so sad DeeDee couldn't stay long but since it was Uncle Brian's birthday we let her go back to him
I cheered them up with some Halloween festivities in the evening.
 Pumpkin Carving
 Mummy Meatloaf
Vampire Cupcakes
and a Alvin and the Chipmunks Halloween movie.
 I obviously need to sweep my walk!
 They look cheered up.  Don't be fooled - JC was in tears moments later.  So tired!

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Grammy said...

He looks so athletic. Except for the itsy bitty spider part. Happy Halloween!