Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Debate, Family, and Football

Friday afternoon Sophie's class had a presidential debate.  They have been learning about the election process so each table put up some candidates for class president.  They had campaign managers and advisors and learned so much. 
 Waiting her turn and feeling a little nervous.
 She started out well and had an answer for most of the problems presented..
 To help the environment we need to get a group of people together in each state to be responsible for keeping it clean.  To solve the problem of crime we need to educate our criminals.  We need to help people on welfare by giving them $50 a month, but they need to do some chores.  We need more teachers to help with education. 
 Then she asked a question Sophie hadn't prepared for - What would you do about gas prices?  Sophie was stumped. I could see she about to start crying.  She sucked it up and made it through the rest of the interview but couldn't hold it in anymore when she got back to her seat.  Poor thing - way out of her comfort zone!
Taylor and I voted for her anyway!
 Everthing was much better when Grammy and Bumpaw got there that night.  The boys went to the high school football game while the girls hung out at home.
 Saturday they got to watch JC play to football games.
They even got to see him score another touchdown!

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Grammy said...

She gets my vote every day. Had such a good time!